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                                                   CHAPTER SIX

                       "So your dad is Frugal Lucre?" asked my dad as he couldn't help asking Luke
again. "For the last time yesssssssss" snapped Luke as he yelled at my dad. "Luke Mason
I don't like how you talk to my husband that way, show some respect towards him please?"
snapped my mother. "Sorry Mrs. Lipsky"
                   "Way to go Mrs. Lipsky" cried Carsten softly to me and Jessica. I suddenly got
mad at Luke for makeing a full out of my father in front of my mother it didn't seem right at
all, so i stood up from my table and said " Guy's i am going to join my parents today okay"
"Sure thing Alicia we don't mind" repiled Jessica. "And If Luke hurts you, you just  tell me" annouced
Carsten as he looked at Luke in a angry way.
                  "Your so brave" i said to him as i kissed him. Jessica giggled as Carsten blushed
when i soon kissed his lips.

                    Soon i joined mom and dad, they both smiled as they saw me even Luke, yuck.
Suddenly Luke said "Hey Mr. Lipsky isn't that your mother over there as a lunch lady?" "WHERE"
asked dad as he got up and truned around "There Alicia a sit for you beside your mother"
"Hey" whripered dad. 'Its okay Luke i can sit across from them" I said as took the other sit.
                "Thanks princess" said dad as he sat back beside mom. Then i saw Luke get mad
all over again. When he saw dad kiss mom's cheek and then lips. My mom was sooooo happy
i am glad she is here. "Excuse me Mrs. Lipsky its time for my lesson with you" spoke up Tina
as she came over with a smile. Well almost glad.
                        "Tina qutie steeling my mom, you have your own" i said as i snapped at her.
Tina left in a hurry i think i hurt her fillings, i could tell by my parents faces they weren't happy
at all.  "Alicia Shego Lipsky" cried my mother. Oh oh full name, don't get me wrong i love my
middle name most people don't.
                    Soon my mom left and dad turned towards me by saying "Alicia, Tina just wants
your mother because she getting lesson's on help with math that is all. And beside's Tina
doesn't have a mom she died when Tina was just turning 13" I know Tina is bright and
skipped a lot of classes i didn't know she had trouable in math. And i didn't know much about her  because she is always quite in class, Man do i fill dumb know.
                   "I'll go and find her and say sorry to her, its just i didn't know" "Remember hon
don't judge a book by its cover. Wish i showed a thought of that of that saying when i was
evil back in the day" There my dad goes again talking about evil again am i missing something here?
Plus he and mom were in dad's lab the other day making something and i was woundering what they were up to. But mom wouldn't tell me.
                     My dad saw my confused face and hugged me "Don't worry princess you are a
smart and kind kid you'll think of something" Then dad left the room looking for mom. "So
Alicia Shego Lipsky, how does it fill to have mommy and daddy at school?" teased a fimmailer
voice. It was Sharpay with Amber and Collen laughing behind her.
                    " And Shego. Man what a middle name" laughed Sharpay. "Ya totally" repiled
Amber as she and Collen were giggling i ingored them and went to find Tina, i found mom
with dad and Mr.Spier and Tina i saw my mom's look of horror on her face that is when i
saw the notices on the walls. Gee open house all around poor mom know she really has to
meet Luke's father.                 
In here Shego gets worried about meeting Luke's father on parents night.
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